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10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia


1. Hong Kiat (http://www.hongkiat.com/): The first in our list of 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia is the most famous Hong Kiat. This blog is not only famous in Malaysia but it has audience from all over the world. The blog is an out and out technical blog. This blog has information on almost everything related to Web design and internet technologies and that is the reason why it is so popular among the bloggers.

2. Wayne Liew (http://www.wayneliew.com/) : Second in the list is the marketing blog Wayne Liew. This blog has all the information needed for small time business owners. This blog is loaded with information related to marketing and tips to business owners on how to increase the productivity of their business. If you are a business owner then this is one blog you should not miss.

3. Sprout Geek (http://www.sproutgeek.com/) : Sproutgeek is yet another marketing and business blog. This blog features the most innovative ideas to improve business. It also has some exclusive interviews of some of the successful small time business owners so that you can get some insights of how to improve your business. So if you are looking for some quality entrepreneurial content then sprout geek is the one for you.

4. Blogigs (http://www.blogigs.com/) : Next in the list of 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia is the WordPress theme blog , Blogigs. This blog has started as a blog about blogging but soon has transformed into a premium WordPress theme blog. So if you are looking for some quality posts about managing your WordPress themes then this is the correct one.

5. Boboi (http://afdlinshauki.blogspot.com/) : This blog is a classic example of a Personal blog. This blog stands as an example that you need not write technical stuff to become popular. You can even write your own feelings and become popular. All the blog posts in this blog are of good quality, with humor, ideas and you will enjoy reading them.

6. Anwar Ibrahim (http://www.anwaribrahim.com/) : This blog is the personal blog of Anwar Ibrahim who served as the Deputy Prime minister of Malaysia during the term 1993 – 98. This blog has some very good posts about the current state of politics in Malaysia and this is an ideal blog for people who are interested in Politics. If you love hot topics, then visit Anwar blog (there are reasons we include it in our

10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia


7.Mohd Isa (http://blog.mohdisa.com/) : Mohd Isa is more of a personalized personal blog that I visit regularly. This blog share different writing topics from Blogging to SEOs. You should visit and read what this guy sharing back there.

8. Akma Omar (http://www.akmaomar.com) : This blog is more of a lifestyle and personal blog. This blog mainly contain posts that are related to shopping and travel along with some useful information related to small time entrepreneurs. One of the great female blogger that know how to write different writing topics. For us that is enough for us to give number 8 spot to this blog in our List of Top 10 Blogger in Malaysia.

9. Raymond CC (http://www.raymond.cc/blog/) : This blog is completely dedicated to computers. Everything related to computers right from Hardware reviews to the latest software reviews can be found here. This is a one stop place for you to know about computers. You will get a lot of valuable information about computers if you follow this blog regularly.

10. Careeron9 (http://careeron9.blogspot.com/) : Most visitor find for new job vacancies here..

10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia

10 blogger terbaik malaysia
10 blogger terbaik malaysia